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Rekrytointi.com and Laura.fi are now new Laura

Ramona Westersund Lauran uutiset, Tuoteuutiset

Our company’s story began over 25 years ago and it has brought us extensive experience and insight as digital recruitment experts. Moving forward, we aim to provide an even smoother service for recruiters and job seekers as Rekrytointi.com and Laura.fi join forces to create the new, robust Laura brand. 

New Laura – Making Job Search and Recruitment Smoother

At Laura, you will find everything you need for a seamless job search and recruitment process. With the merger of our brands, all our services are now under one roof, offering synergy and efficiency for users. 

Laura and our experts work diligently every day to ensure that job hunting and recruitment are as smooth and meaningful as possible. We aspire to be more than just a service provider among others: Laura is a Finnish, knowledgeable, yet approachable partner in all stages of recruitment and job search. 

Laura for Job Seekers – Great Jobs on the Horizon

The Rekrytointi.com brand is retiring, and from now on, you will find everything you need for your job search on Laura.fi. Our services for job seekers remain the same and for example job alerts and Talent Profiles will seamlessly transition to the new brand. User accounts created on the Rekrytointi.com site will also work on the new Laura.fi. 

While the transition requires no action on your part, we warmly recommend exploring the renewed Laura.fi website and its comprehensive services for job seekers: 

  • Open Jobs: Laura shows the best jobs, among which there are suitable opportunities for you as well.
  • Talent Profile: While browsing jobs, it’s a good idea to create a Talent Profile. It provides you recommendations for suitable positions and effectively showcases your skills to employers.
  • Job Search & Career Tips: We will soon provide you extensive content that will help you get your career up to speed. You will find useful information, tips and inspiration for job hunting.

Laura for Employers – Recruitment Looks Bright

Our brand refresh does not alter how you conduct your recruitments or how your job postings appear to job seekers. User accounts created on the Rekrytointi.com site will function on the new Laura.fi as well. 

The renewed Laura continues to offer employers seamless solutions for recruitment. Join us in making successful hires: 

  • Reach the best candidates for your jobs efficiently and quickly by joining the group of happy customers of our Talent Bank. Talent Bank features over 250,000 professionals waiting for your contact.
  • Get maximum visibility for your job postings through Laura’s extensive media network. Our efficient recruitment campaigns also reach passive candidates. Access international talent through our global recruitment network spanning over 140 countries.
  • Shine up your horizon and experience the power of smoother recruitment with the Laura Recruitment Software. Manage the entire recruitment process, create memorable interactions with applicants, and find substitutes for work shifts.

As an employer, take advantage of the current hottest season in job hunting in your recruitment marketing. Our upcoming launch campaign will bring even more traffic to our site, making it an excellent time to showcase your job opportunities on Laura.fi.

Laura for Partners – Stronger Together

Laura’s partners are a crucial part of our business. The renewed Laura continues to foster close collaboration with our partners, offering even better solutions for job seekers and recruiters together. 

We strongly believe in the power of collaboration and welcome new ideas and proposals to deepen cooperation in the areas of recruitment, HR, and workplace services. 

Job Hunting, Recruitment and Collaboration with Us Is Now ”Laurable” Easy

With the renewed Laura brand, we are ready and excited to serve all our important stakeholders. We thank all our customers, job seekers, and partners for your support and trust on our journey towards making job hunting and recruitment easy. 

When recruitment and job hunting is easy, we call it ”laurable”.