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Reach candidates within our nationwide network covering all of Finland. Our broad media network consists of over 40 local media companies with a total weekly reach of over 3.8 million online visitors. Publish your job posting, reach the desired candidates, and succeed in your recruitment.

Choose Your Job Posting: Featured or Normal

Normal Posting
390 €
(+ 24% VAT)
Included in Normal posting:
Posting display for 30 days
Advertiser's logo info
Links to desired website
Link to the advertiser's video 
Visibility at the top of the listing page upon publication 
Visibility in our extensive network info
Posting management info
Quality assurance info
Satisfaction guarantee info
Featured Posting
690 €
(+ 24% VAT)
Featured Posting on gains significantly more visibility compared to Normal Posting, resulting in more views and clicks, ultimately leading to better recruitment outcomes. 
In addition to Normal Posting:
Highlighted visibility info info
Featured image info
Top placement in the listing view (pin-to-top)
Attention-grabbing color in the listing view

Your Job Posting Won't Go Unnoticed in Our Network

Reach Over 250,000 Talent Bank Candidates

Publish your job posting on and connect with your dream candidates from the Talent Bank's pool of over 250,000 experts. Registered candidates receive tailored job recommendations in their email weekly, based on their skills and Talent Profile. Your posting will reach the individuals best suited for your open position. You can trust that you'll receive high-quality traffic and interested viewers for your job posting.

Find Candidates Regionally

Find candidates across the country with Laura’s assistance and reach the best applicants in your region. Depending on your job's location, your job posting will gain visibility on the webpages of various local media companies in "recruitment boxes," which aggregate open job positions within the province. Our media network reaches 3.8 million unique online visitors weekly and includes over 40 local media companies.

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Ensure Visibility on Social Media

Ensure visibility of your job on social media and reach passive candidates as well. We automatically publish job postings on our region-specific Facebook pages and on our X pages. With our visibility products and Targeted Recruitment Campaign, you can ensure your job gets the right exposure on social media to reach your desired audience.

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Attract Future Professionals

You'll reach students through these partner websites: 

Tampereen Aikuiskoulutuskeskus TAKK a versatile vocational educator and workplace developer. TAKK annually educates over 11,000 adults. 

Careeria offers vocational education tailored to workplace needs. They have a wide range of education areas and offer over 80 different basic, professional, and special vocational qualifications. They have approximately 11,000 students annually. 

Opiskelijan Tampere a service for students that reaches over 20,000 Tampere-based university and secondary school students monthly online, on social media, and on campuses. 

Reach Professionals in different Fields

Job postings suitable for agronomists and Bachelors of Business Administartion receive visibility on the websites of the Agronomist and Tradenomiliitto Associations. IT job postings gain the exposure they deserve in the "Recruitment Ads" section of Ite wiki, as we are a partner of Ite wiki as well.

Re-market in Major Media

Re-engage candidates who have visited our website with remarketing when they browse other websites, including,,,, various gaming applications, and many other popular websites. This increases the likelihood of them submitting an application.

Be Visible in Job Alerts

Candidates can set up job alerts based on their searches. If your job posting matches their criteria, it will appear in their job alert messages. Job alerts include a direct link to your job advertisement.

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