Substitute Management

Streamlined Short-term Staffing with Laura

Picture this scenario: when your company urgently needs a stand-in, Laura is there to help you find the right person in no time. With Laura Substitute Management, you'll streamline substitute recruitment, making it efficient, straightforward, and hassle-free.  

Quick actions are the key to filling work shifts and temporary positions. That's why significant players, particularly in the healthcare industry, turn to Laura's substitute management to safeguard the continuity of their operations and the well-being of those they serve. 

Why Choose Laura Substitute Management?

Instant Relief, Zero Stress

At Laura, we're committed to providing instant relief when you need it most. Laura’s Substitute Management tool is designed to alleviate the stress of sudden staffing gaps, ensuring that you have the right professionals in place, even in the most critical situations. 

Automated Efficiency at Its Best

Laura takes efficiency to the next level by automatically assigning tasks to the most suitable substitute who responds first. This saves your time and optimizes your workforce utilization, ensuring that your operations run smoothly, even in high-demand scenarios. 

Secure Business-critical Operations

With Laura by your side, you can maintain uninterrupted service and focus on what truly matters – Interrupted business and excellence of your customer satisfaction. 

Seamless Integration for Hassle-Free Recruitment

Laura seamlessly integrates substitute management into your existing recruitment workflow. This means you can incorporate our powerful substitute management tools without disrupting your established processes. It's recruitment efficiency at its finest.

Key Features

Recruit Substitutes
Expand your pool of temporary substitutes with flexibility. Easily onboard a diverse range of substitutes to ensure you have the right resources at your fingertips precisely when you need them.
Precise Qualification Matching
Laura enables you to secure the qualifications required for substitute workers with pinpoint accuracy. Allocate these skilled professionals to your preferred departments, ensuring a perfect match for every assignment.
Effortless Substitute Discovery
Define the task, the time, and the place, and let Laura's intelligent system do the rest. Discover available substitutes in the blink of an eye, eliminating the hassle of manual searches and ensuring that staffing gaps are filled swiftly and seamlessly.
Automation for Enhanced Efficiency
Laura takes efficiency to the next level with automated task assignment. Our system intelligently selects the most suitable substitute who responds first, optimizing your workforce utilization and maximizing overall efficiency.
Cutting-Edge SMS Solution for Enhanced Compatibility
Say goodbye to compatibility issues with Laura's state-of-the-art SMS-based solution. Enjoy seamless compatibility across various devices and environments without the need for instructing your substitutes on constant phone and app upgrades. Laura ensures that your business operations stay secure and uninterrupted.
Worktime Reporting
Simplify time tracking with our built-in worktime reporting tool. With Laura, your substitutes can effortlessly report their working hours within the platform.  
Worktime Report Approval
What's more, managers have the flexibility to review and approve substitutes’ worktime reports before they are forwarded to the payroll. 
Titania Integration
Integrate Laura’s substitute management seamlessly with Titania, a software designed for systematic planning of work shift.  

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