Strength in cooperation

Laura’s partners are a key part of our business and strategy. We strongly believe that cooperation is the key to success.

We have created an impressive network of partners that makes our high-quality digital recruitment solutions. We are also constantly looking for new and interesting partners in the areas of recruitment, HR and working life services.

Why become our partner?

By cooperating, we become stronger together. Together we can do good in the job search and recruitment market and offer even better solutions for job seekers and recruiters. We can cooperate for example with visibility or content production. We are also happy to hear your ideas and suggestions about the cooperation model!

Benefits of partnership

Growth opportunities and new customers: As a partner, you get to take advantage of new markets and customer segments.
Sharing information: We share information, know-how and resources so that we can achieve greater goals together.
Innovation: Cooperation enables the sharing of innovative ideas and the creation of new solutions.
Build a success story with us. We are open to new partnerships and believe that together we can achieve great things.

Contact and join us in building success stories!

We are open to new partnerships and look forward to your ideas. Feel free to reach out, and let's discuss how we can better support each other and our clients.

Our partners
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