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Talent Profile make your job hunt easier and helps you show your expertise to recruiters. Create a Talent Profile and allow recruiters to find you.
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Create a Talent Profile and receive benefits for easier job hunt


Recruiters can find your profile, contact you and offer you a job


You will receive recommendations for open jobs that fit your profile


You can apply for jobs easily with your talent profile

Create your Talent Profile easily. It only takes a few minutes to complete your profile. You'll receive your log in credentials automatically in your email once you've saved your profile.

Update your Talent Profile

By keeping your profile up to date, you ensure that recruiters are able to find your profile.

Easy apply with your talent profile

You can use your Talent Profile. See all the jobs you can easily apply for.

Create a profile that catches recruiters attention

A good talent profile will help you succeed in your job search and attract the attention of recruiters. The more comprehensively you describe your skills in your profile, the better you will stand out from the crowd.

Update your profile regularly. Updated profiles appear first in recruiters' search results and your profile is therefore easier for recruiters to find. You can easily update your profile by saving it again, even if your information hasn't changed.

Make a short description of yourself, where you can tell about your skills and what kind of work you are interested in. This is your sales pitch to a recruiter!

Make sure that your profile contains keywords that describe your skills. Recruiters search profiles using keywords.

Tell about your work experience and educational background. This way you will receive job recommendations that match your dream job.

Make sure your contact information up to date in your profile, so that recruiters can contact you directly.


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