5 reasons why

6 reasons why

LAURA™ Recruitment Software is recruiter's best friend


1. Recruitment system that is easy to use

Clear and easy tool for recruitment

Did you know that you are a superhero? Whether you recruit every day or once a year, the success of your organization depends on you! Therefore, it is extremely important to us that the recruitment tool is local, secure as well as easy to learn and use so that superheroes can focus on recruiting.
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2. Employer image

Make recruitments to speak for your employer image

Few outsiders know what your organization really is like as an employer. That’s why employer branding is important, even in recruitments. What kind of employer image is reflected from your recruitments?
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3. Good candidate experience

Provide experiences for job seekers

Providing good candidate experience requires no complicated magic tricks or mysticism. For a job seeker, it is often enough that applying is made easy and that communication is adequate. What if you positively surprised applicants with excellent communication? For example quick SMS messages during the process: “Hey, I just sent you an interview invitation via email, please book an interview time that best suits you.”.
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4. Extensibility and connectivity

The service grows together with your needs

What do you want from your recruitments now and in the future? Single Sign-on, anonymous recruitment, recruitment permit, job agent, API for connecting e.g. recruitment bots, branded candidate presentations… These and many other modules can be put together to make recruitments smooth!
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5. You can reach candidates easily

Recruitment marketing and support

We are here for you, and the best thing about our work day is to help you with your recruitments. Our service makes it easy for you, for example, to launch an effective recruitment campaign. Just tick the box and our experts will take care of the rest. You can do multi-channel recruitment marketing and reach candidates both locally and internationally with our service.
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Do you want to get recruitment right and find the right people for the right jobs? Request a quote or presentation, or explore the recruitment software features.

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