Brighten up Your Recruitment Pipeline with Laura

Are you tired of browsing through countless resumes and managing a complex recruitment pipeline? Step onto a new recruitment journey and let Laura inspire you with an efficient, versatile, and delightfully clear recruitment tool.  

At Laura, we understand that the recruitment process can be challenging and time-consuming. That's why we've developed a comprehensive solution that empowers you with the entire recruitment process smoothly.

Why Choose Laura Recruitment Software?

Recruit with Ease and Simplify Your Recruitment Pipeline

Managing your recruitment pipeline has never been easier. Laura provides a clear, user-friendly interface that allows you to effortlessly track every stage of the hiring process. From posting job openings to making the final offer, Laura streamlines your workflow, saving you valuable time and resources. 

Seamless Workflow Integration and Connectivity

Integrations are the cornerstone of efficiency. Laura seamlessly integrates with your existing HR tools and platforms, creating a unified ecosystem for your recruitment needs. Say goodbye to manual data entry and hello to automated, error-free processes that enhance the productivity of your recruitment. 

Enhance Candidate Encounters with Advanced Communication Capabilities

First impressions matter. With Laura Recruitment Software, you'll have access to enhanced communication capabilities that enable you to engage with candidates effectively. Whether it's scheduling interviews, gathering feedback, or sending quick updates, Laura ensures that candidates have a positive experience throughout the recruitment journey. 

Scale Your Hiring Efforts as Your Organization Grows

As your organization expands and changes, so do your hiring needs. Laura is designed to grow with you. Whether you're hiring for a few positions or expanding your workforce significantly, Laura adapts to your changing requirements, thanks to its fantastic features and modularity. You never miss out on tomorrow's superheroes again. 

Elevate Recruitment Software with Marketing and Campaigns

Maximize your hiring potential and get noticed among candidates like never before. Laura empowers you with versatile job postings, recruitment marketing and campaigns. Whether you need to target a specific group of talents or promote your open job at a wider scale, Laura has you covered.

Laura’s team of recruitment marketing experts is dedicated to your success. We have the same goal with you – your successful recruitment.

Key Features

Comprehensive Recruitment Tool
Laura has you covered in your hiring process and more. Versatile selection of modules allows you to finetune the tool to best serve your recruitments.
Candidate Experience Metrics
Identify the strengths and areas for improvement in your recruitment process. 
Interviews Scheduling
Empower your candidates to select interview and appointment times that suit your availability.
Customizable Application Forms
Say hello to easy applying and personalize the form with your own set of questions.
Visual Candidate Pipeline
Get a clear overview of your recruitment process.
Assisted Communication
Ensure your candidates are informed about the status of your recruitment process. 
Employer Branding
Highlight your employer image through efficient branding capabilities.
Recruitment Plan
Create a blueprint encompassing process steps, selection criteria, budget allocation, and recruitment marketing initiatives to ensure a smooth and effective recruitment process.
Recruitment Permit
Secure formal approval from the organization before initiating the recruitment process.
Anonymous Recruitment
Enhance equal-opportunity employment and increase inclusivity within your organization
Reassignment and rehiring in a situation of personnel reductions
Meet the reassignment and rehiring requirements mandated by Finnish Labour Law
Substitute Management
Find and allocate temporary replacements for short-term work assignments.

Integrations and Connectivity

Modern-day recruiters utilize many tools to enhance the recruitment process. Connect Laura seamlessly to your recruitment ecosystem with versatile integration capabilities.

Job Postings
Career Site
Publish job openings onto your company’s career site.
Internal Job Openings
Publish internal job openings onto your company’s internal portal, e. g. intranet.
Empower your recruitment with versatile job postings, recruitment marketing and campaigns. Laura’s team of recruitment marketing experts targets your job openings to the right candidates.
Publish your job openings effortlessly to Oikotie, a job portal targeting Finnish job seekers.
Publish your job openings effortlessly to Duunitori, a job portal targeting Finnish audience.
Publish your job openings to Työmarkkinatori, a job portal developed by the Finnish KEHA Centre and the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment of Finland.
Publish your job openings effortlessly to Jobly, a job portal targeting Finnish job seekers.
Recruitment Process
Utilize RecRight video interviews seamlessly in your recruitment. You can create video interviews, send invitations and view applicants’ video responses right from Laura. What’s more, you can even enable a video CV on the application form. 
Employer videos
Embed your existing videos e.g. from YouTube and Vimeo.
Authentication and User Management
Single Sign-on
Easy, speedy, and secure authentication and user management, eliminating the need for extra usernames and passwords. Compatible with standard SAML 2.0 Single Sign-on.
Azure AD
Easy, speedy, and secure authentication and user management through your Azure AD, eliminating the need for extra usernames and passwords.
HR and Payroll
Export newly hired candidates to Mepco HR Software.
Export newly hired candidates to Sympa HR Software.
Export newly hired candidates to Populus HR Software.
Personec F
Export newly hired candidates to Personec F Payroll Software.
API and Feeds
Build your own integrations utilizing Laura’s comprehensive REST API. 
Extended Job Feed
Integrate job postings onto your website, intranet, mobile app and more by utilizing Laura’s comprehensive RSS job feed.  

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