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Open Application

Open Application, Huld Oy, Espoo

Leave us an open application!
Our doors are always open for humane and bold professionals. Whether you are a rock-solid expert or a rising star, you may be just the right person to help us pave way for a more humane and bold tomorrow (

Here are some things that may tick your boxes:

– You are or aspire to be a bold professional.
– You feel that humane hearts are needed to make a positive change.
– You are keen to develop and grow.
– You want to make a difference – big or small.

We believe in low hierarchy and work-life balance. We support flexible, remote, and location free working within the borders of Finland. Many of our positions can be based in any of our several offices (

Sounds good? Leave us an open application and tell us about your strengths and passions.

We cannot wait to hear more about you!

Contact person
Dr Tatjana Petkovic

Head of Operations Embedded Solutions

Salary:Katso kuvaus
Experience:1-5 vuotta
Job starts:Katso kuvaus
Duration:yli 12 kuukautta
Working time:kokoaikatyö
Contact:Tatjana Petkovic,
Source: TE-palvelut