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Early childhood education teacher

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Early childhood education teacher

Early childhood education teacher, Pilke päiväkodit Oy, Pilke Playschool Haukilahti, Espoo

At the heart of Pilke’s early childhood education, childcare and after-school activities are the company’s good day makers – more than 2,000 ECEC and childcare professionals. Their goal is to ensure that children have a good day, every day.

We value our competent early childhood education professionals and strive for being an excellent employer. In addition to our values, the activities of our work community are driven by a strong sense of quality, togetherness and encouragement.

We are looking for a teacher in early childhood education to Pilke daycare centre Playschool Haukilahti in Espoo starting from January 2024. We are looking for someone with not only competence in this field, but the ability and desire to develop new ideas and show a high level of innovation. The person selected must also, through personal engagement and interpersonal skills have the ability to provide the best early years education for the children and in addition present excellent teamworking skills. We are a very happy place with a strong team of teachers that work well together and excellent staff continuity.

Pilke Playschool Haukilahti is moving to a beautiful new purpose built log-house on the peaceful street Kampelatie in Haukilahti in November 2022. With this move we will be able to begin taking under 3 years olds as well. Playschool Haukilahti is an Espoo City approved Pre-school that provides holistic pre-primary education in English while also simultaneously supporting Finnish language development through our ”Suomi Klubi” which is incorporated in our curriculum 2 hours per week. Our curriculum follows the National Core for Early Childhood Education and Care from Finland and focuses on learning & growing through play and self expression.

We are a very warm and friendly kindergarten with a well- established reputation and strong staff continuity

We are a very happy place with a strong team of teachers that work well together and have excellent staff continuity. Our customer Service Survey results based on Guardians responses have been terrific and our teachers have been with us between 5 – 10 years which creates a stable and happy environment for children to grow and develop.

As a teacher in early childhood education, your task is to support and foster the children’s growth, development and learning. You are familiar with the content of the national core curricula for early childhood education and care and capable of putting them into practice. You plan, assess and develop the child group’s pedagogical activities and, for your part, are responsible for the implementation of high-quality pedagogy at your unit. You base your working methods on pedagogical principles, a positive and active attitude, good interactive skills and the ability to encounter children genuinely. You enjoy working with children, see the future in them and value your work as a teacher in early childhood education, as a good day maker.

We offer our employees appealing and safe work, a positive working atmosphere and support in their duties. Our employees have the opportunity to develop their work and educate themselves further. We apply solution-based working practices and encourage our employees to try new things. At Pilke, you have the opportunity to step up the career ladder to various positions. This page provides further information about working at Pilke daycare centres. There you will also find the story of Anu who works as a teacher in early childhood education at Pilke.

To be qualified for the position, you must hold at least a Bachelor of Arts in Education degree including kindergarten teacher training or a Bachelor of Social Services and Health Care degree including studies in early childhood education and social pedagogy, 60 ETCS. The selected candidate shall present to the employer a criminal records extract within the meaning of Section 6 paragraph 2 of the Criminal Records Act (770/1993).

If this description sounds like you, don’t hesitate to submit an application. We would be glad to welcome you among our good day makers!

Salary:sopimuksen mukaan
Experience:ei lainkaan – 1v
Job starts:January 2024
Duration:yli 12 kuukautta
Working time:kokoaikatyö
Contact:Maria Kajanus Lopez
Playschool Manager
+358 44 4937896

Pilke Playschool Lehtisaari Pilke Playschool Haukilahti
Papinpöydänkuja 4 Kampelatie 4
00340 Helsinki 02170 Espoo

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