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Normal Posting
390 €
+ 24% vat
Recommended by Laura
Featured Posting
690 €
+ 24% vat
Included in posting
Posting display for 30 days
Advertiser's logoThe logo is displayed in the job posting and on the listing page.
Links to desired websites
Link to the advertiser's video
Visibility at the top of the listing page upon publication
Visibility in our extensive networkThe visibility of the job posting is determined by location, area of expertise, and type of posting.
Posting managementA recruiter logged into our service can view their open jobs and their statistics, make changes to postings and classifications, and edit their own information.
Quality assuranceWe verify the functionality of the posting upon publication to ensure high visibility and the best applicant experience.
Satisfaction guaranteeRepetition of the same posting is free of charge unless you are satisfied. Guarantee request within 1 month of the advertisement being removed, visibility period up to 30 days.
Highlighted visibilityVisibility in key listings carousel on the front page and alongside other postings. Includes a spotlight image.
Featured imageUsing the featured image, recruiters can easily bring their own brand identity to the job posting. The featured image appears at the top of the job posting.
Top placement in the listing view (pin-to-top)
Attention-grabbing color in the listing view
The most popular solution for recruitment marketing!
Targeted Recruitment Campaign
1 180 €
+ 24% vat
Power Campaign
1 740 €
+ 24% vat
Included in posting
Includes a Featured Posting
Targeted marketing in multiple media channels within your relevant target groupMedias used in the campaign: Facebook, Instagram, Google,'s media network, highlighted visibility on service.
Tailored work performed by our experts based on your needs
Campaign optimization
Guarantee of our promises
Ensured ad views
1 000
Job Package, 5 Postings
1 500 €
+ 24% vat
Job Package, 10 Postings
2 600 €
+ 24% vat
Job Package, 20 Postings
4 400 €
+ 24% vat
Job Package, 50 Postings
8 200 €
+ 24% vat

Postings included in the packages are Normal Postings. Packages are valid for 12 months.

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Reach candidates from Laura Talent Bank (your posting gains visibility among 250 000 candidates in our Talent Bank)
Retargeting in large medias
Social media (Regional Facebook pages, X)
Job alerts
Future professionals (TAKK, Careeria, Student's Tampere)
Professionals from various fields (The Finnish Association of Academic Agronomists, Professionals of Business and Technology)