Recruitment Software – Great Hiring at Your Sight

Get a clear overview of your recruitment process and unlock delightful candidate experiences. Say hello to great encounters with your candidates, show the best of your employer image, and begin hiring tomorrow’s superheroes now!

Start recruiting with ease and simplify your recruitment pipeline

Encounter candidates with enhanced communication capabilities

Streamline your workflow with integrations and connectivity

Experience the power of hiring while your organisation expands

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Substitute Management – Find Substitutes in the Blink of an Eye

Streamline the entire short-term staffing process, from sourcing and adding substitutes to your roster to effortlessly offering and assigning assignments. Seamlessly integrate substitute management into your recruitment workflow for a hassle-free experience.

Expand your pool of temporary substitutes with flexibility

Precisely define qualifications required for substitute workers, and allocate them to your preferred departments

Discover available substitutes for any assignment with ease

Automatically assign the task to the suitable substitute who responds first, maximizing efficiency

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Job Postings – Make Your Job Visible

Show your job to top candidates by posting your job on Laura is making a positive impact in the recruitment market by connecting the best candidates with the best job opportunities.

Reach the right candidates through our extensive media network

Achieve unparalleled visibility for your recruitments through our social media presence, retargeting on major platforms (e.g., HS, Mtv, Foreca), and on our partner websites

Reach your dream candidates from over 250,000 talent profiles in Talent Bank

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Laura Talent Bank – Let Candidates Amaze You

Discover a new star candidate for your open position from Talent Bank and save money on recruitment costs. Laura Talent Bank is Finland's fastest-growing talent bank, currently featuring over 250,000 talent profiles.

Find suitable profiles using versatile search functions

Connect with candidates and offer them your open job position

Enable an easy and seamless job search for candidates

Are you a job seeker? Create Talent Profile today!

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Targeted Recruitment Campaigns – Recruit Visibly

Reach job seekers effectively and impressively. With targeted recruitment campaign you will easily find suitable candidates for your open position. This will also attract passive applicants to you.

Reach the right candidates with the help of our experts, who target your job to suitable audience in different channels (e.g. Facebook, Instagram, Google)

Build a positive employer brand as more and more people see your stylish advertisement on different channels

Get at least 500 (targeted campaign) or 1,000 (POWER Campaign) views to your job posting from potential candidates.

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International Recruitment – Top Candidates from around the World within Your Reach

Recruit globally with confidence. International recruitment is made easy with the help of Laura in 140 countries. We understand that to find the best candidates from different corners of the world, you need a reliable partner who understands the opportunities of global recruitment.

Get the best local talent outreach services at the same prices as in the target countries

Hire an international top candidate as your employee quickly, efficiently, and effortlessly with a turnkey approach

Let us take care of all the practicalities for you with the local recruitment experts.

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