Job seeker's Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

On this page you will find answers to frequently asked questions by job seekers.

If you have questions regarding a certain job posting, please contact the company/person whose position you are applying for. You can find the job poster's contact information in the relevant job posting.

If you have any further questions regarding our sevices, please contact us at

General Instructions

We list open jobs on You can turn on the job alert and thus create a user ID for the site. Log in to the job board by clicking the Log in button on the front page!

Note! If you are applying for a specific job, you do not need to log in to the site. Just click the APPLY button in the job posting!

Note! We do not recruit personnel, but maintain a website for open jobs. Submit your application directly to the jobs on the site.

In the majority of the jobs postings on our site, the recruiters use our Laura Recruitment Software. Job seekers are always assigned IDs to the company’s Laura system when they submit an application, and you can use this ID to apply to different jobs in the same company.

Please note that the same ID does not work when applying for jobs at different companies!

Psst! Companies may also have some other recruitment software in use, so you can use the APPLY JOB button to complete an application through different systems, which have different instructions for job seekers. You can ask for help from the contact person listed in the job posting.

Good luck with your job search! 🧡

No, we do not recruit personnel to the listed jobs, but maintain a website for listing the open jobs. Please submit your application directly to the jobs on the site.

We do not offer personal career guidance. You can find open job postings from our site and apply to them.
We do not recruit employees for companies, we can only help you with finding job postings that interest you. So please check the job postings on, create a Talent Profile and turn on Job Alert.

Applying for a listed job

You can find the company’s contact information in the job posting or on the company’s website. If the contact information of the person who answers the questions is indicated in the job posting, please contact him. Laura does not recruit personnel for companies, but we list open jobs for people to apply. Unfortunately, not all recruiters indicate a contact person in their job postings. In these cases, you should go to the company’s website and find the right contact person there.
Contact infotmation is listed below apply button or in the description.
Unfortunately some employers don’t provide this information then you have to go to their website.

Some companies use the Laura Recruitment System as a recruitment aid, allowing you to edit your application during the application period. Find the right job posting and click “edit your application”. When you sent your first application, you received the credentials that you can use to log in and edit your application. If you have forgotten your password, you can order a new one by pressing “have you forgotten your password?” Remember to check your spam folder and use your ID in the correct format.

The job seeker always gets an ID for that company’s Laura Recruitment System when he makes an application, which you can use when applying for other positions in the same company. Please note that this ID will not be used in the recruitment system of other companies, in that case start a “new application” and you will receive a ID in the recruitment system of that company.

At, you can apply for jobs in your area by choosing a specific area in the search criteria.

You can also start a job search that matches your skills by creating a job alert.

You should contact the person who has been listed in the job posting (by the company that has posted the job).

The job posting has either a link or an email to which the application can be sent. Verify the correct email address by copying the email address carefully from the job posting.

Sometimes it’s also good to check the professionalism of your own email address. Popular email addresses from the 90’s may not get through firewalls. The best email address is usually your first and last name. If you have applied using the Laura Recruitment Software, you can edit your application via the “edit your application” button in the application.

The company usually lists a time frame in the job posting, after which they inform applicants about the application process. If you are concerned about something in the application process, feel free to contact the company listed in the job posting. Look for a suitable contact channel either in the job posting (e.g. from the position to the person offering more information) or on the company’s website (e.g. the company’s info email).
We list open jobs on the website. You can also turn on the job alert or create a Talent Profile for yourself, which makes it easier for recruiters to find you, and makes it easier to apply for jobs that interest you. We offer recruiters the Laura Recruitment Software, which allows recruiters to manage the recruitment process smoothly. Job seekers can have ID’s to the Laura Recruitment Software of different employers if they have applied for a job published through the Laura Recruitment software. With these IDs, job seekers can edit their application.

Talent Profile

Talent Profile makes it easier to fill in job postings from different employers. Your profile provides a ready template, and you don’t need to fill in all the necessary information for each posting every time – the system fills in the details for you. The Talent Profile is also visible to certain recruiters, allowing them to find a candidate without posting a job advertisement. Therefore, recruiters using the service can contact you directly through your Talent Profile and invite you to an interview.
If the profile status is set to ‘Hidden,’ only you can see its content. If the status is set to ‘Visible’, recruiters can see all the information entered into the profile. First name, last name, email address, and phone number are initially hidden for the logged-in recruiter. Recruiter sees this information when they decide to open your profile.
You cannot choose who sees or doesn’t see your profile. Additionally you can hide your profile completely from recruiters.
You can edit your Talent Profile by clicking the ‘Edit’ button on the homepage. In the dropdown menu at the bottom of the editing page, you can change the visibility status of your profile (visible or hidden). Finally, press the ‘Preview and Send’ button to review the changes you’ve made. Press the ‘Save Expert Profile’ button at the top to save the changes.
The basic details from your Talent Profile, such as your name, place of residence, contact information, and the CV you have added.
Currently work experience entries are limited to ten, and education entries are limited to five.
Unfortunately, you cannot choose your username. However, you can change your password by logging into your Talent Profiles and accessing the settings to set a password.
If you have forgotten your password and/or username for your Talent Profile, go first to the Talent Profile page and then click the ‘Sign Up’ button on the right. Then click the link ‘Restore username and set a new password’ link on the bottom of the login window. If you don’t find the recovery message in your Inbox, please also check your Spam folder. Please note that the username is not the same as your email address.
Restore link in the log in window
You can unsubscribe from the mailing list by clicking the ‘Unsubscribe’ button at the top of the email. The same button can also be found at the bottom of the email.
To delete your Talent Profile, log in to your profile from the Talent Profile page by clicking the ‘Log in’ button. After logging in, you can choose the option ‘delete’ in your profile. If you have forgotten your password/username, you can request them by clicking the ‘recover account and set a new password’ link on the login window. If you don’t find the account in your Inbox, please also check your Spam folder.
Talent Profile log in window
Talent Profile front page + deletion
At the moment, it is not possible to use an email address as a username for the Talent Profile. When you created your Talent profile, you received an email informing you of your automatically created username. The username is usually in the form of a ‘firstnamesurname’. For common names, the exact format may be slightly different, so check the username in the email you originally received. If you have forgotten your username and can no longer find the original email, use the “Restore username and set a new password” function on the Login page of the Talent profile.