Recruitment Software

LAURA™ Recruitment Software, the recruiters best co-worker!

LAURA™ will help you to find the best candidates with ease and by doing so, it helps you to save time and effort. But the recruitment process does not end there. Communication between the recruiter and the applicants is a breeze via e-mail or text messages with just a couple of clicks directly from the system. What about reporting, statistics, and various summaries? Just a few clicks of course!

  • Laura Solo
  • Solo is the best tool for a recruiter when you take care of your recruitment efforts mainly alone or with a single recruitment.

  • Job publication
  • Processing of applications & classification
  • Sending E-mail
  • Unlimited user management
  • Customer support (email + phone)
  • The applicant outlook visualization
  • Customizable application forms
  • SMS communication
  • Reporting (statistics, summary, exports)
  • Customer-specific customization standby
  • User management integration (AD / SSO)
  • Recruitment planning
  • Employer video + VideoCV
  • Sharing to Social Media
  • Integration with HR and payroll systems
  • The employment contract, letter of reference, substitute management, recruitment assignments, personal development discussion, video-instructions, etc.
  • €90.00

    per month

    The initial payment 0 €

  • Laura Start
  • LAURA™ Start can be quickly deployed for any size of an organization and it covers the basic needs of a recruiter in multiple ways.

  • Job publication
  • Processing of applications & classification
  • Sending E-mail
  • Unlimited user management
  • Customer support (email + phone)
  • The applicant outlook visualization
  • Customizable application forms
  • SMS communication
  • Reporting (statistics, summary, exports)
  • Customer-specific customization standby
  • User management integration (AD / SSO)
  • Recruitment planning
  • Employer video + VideoCV
  • Sharing to Social Media
  • Integration with HR and payroll systems
  • The employment contract, letter of reference, substitute management, recruitment assignments, personal development discussion, video-instructions, etc.
  • starting €290.00

    per month

    The initial payment 890 €

  • Laura PRO
  • Pro is fully in line with your needs. Almost limitless opportunities tailored with the help of experts to produce the most suitable system.

  • Job publication
  • Processing of applications & classification
  • Sending E-mail
  • Unlimited user management
  • Customer support (email + phone)
  • The applicant outlook visualization
  • Customizable application forms
  • SMS communication
  • Reporting (very extensive reporting)
  • Customer-specific customization standby
  • User management integration (AD / SSO)
  • Recruitment planning
  • Employer video + VideoCV
  • Sharing to Social Media
  • Integration with HR and payroll systems
  • The employment contract, letter of reference, substitute management, recruitment assignments, personal development discussion, video-instructions, etc.
  • according to agreement

    per month

    The initial payment according to your needs

Clients recommend

Customer service has been excellent during the commissioning of the recruitment software and after it. Usually we get answers to our questions during the same day and all our developing request have been carried out in a week.

Kaarina Kilpeläinen - Linnanmäki

Caring for our customers

As our customer, you can get professional help and service when you need it.

Personal service

Our centralized support helps all LAURA™ customers in things related to the recruiting software.

Telephone Support

We respond to inquiries
+358 44 7700 560
on weekdays at 08.30-16.30


We respond to inquiries
on weekdays at 08.30-16.30

For More Information About The Service

Recruiting Process with LAURA™

LAURA™ recruitment software is always customized to meet the needs of its user. Our different flexible products guarantee the best fit for your company.

This part of -site gives you more information about the software and what it can offer. Besides recruiting LAURA™ helps you with much more. Explore your options!

Planning the Recruitment

There is always some kind of planning process before you can publish a job ad. The procedure variates between organizations.

In LAURA™ all the steps before posting a job ad can be customized to meet your needs. We can customize for example getting an approval for position, commenting, using automated messages, conrtolling and raporting.

With a good planning you only need few clicks to publish a job ad. Backround information can be used during the whole recruitment.

Controlliong Positions

With LAURA™ you save a lot of time because you can manage job positions with control. It is quick and easy to create a position and a job ad to LAURA™ – weather you get the notice of upcoming job ad straight from a superior or as a result of an internal process, well planned or quickly.

Who is in charge, which forms and languages to use and should recruiters get some notifications during the process? These are some examples of our standard options when creating a new position. You can add flexibility to application base by adding task-specific questions from your own question bank.

Job ads can be posted on different platforms and social media straight from LAURA™ with just few clicks. That saves time and money. Ads are easy to create and edit. You can add pictures or videos to them. When job ad appearance adapts to company style it supports positive employer image. With LAURA™’s help job seeker experience is positive.

Processing Applications

Applications received by LAURA™ can be directed to right folders and recruiters already before the recruiting begins. Recruiters can receive notifications about arriving applications.

Applicants can update their applications with their own user account and copy one application to another position. Applicants can also use their LinkedIn profile as a base for an application.

Recruiters can keep track of received applications easily from the overall tab.


There are multiple choices how applications can be filtered in LAURA™. You can search by questions, dates, recruiters’ notes or keywords. Keywords can be searched also from attachments. Searches and search results can be saved which helps you finding the interesting applicants later.

You can work with multiple applications from different positions at the same time. Filtering applicants and using message platforms you can inform a great deal of applicants easily.

Summary and Overall Profile

You can use search results to create summaries of applicants. All the applicants in same summary can be for example messaged or edited at once. Of course you can also work with applications one by one.

To get the best picture of each applicant you can collect all the information of one applicant to a overall profile. For example different applications, notes of interviews and other conversations, tests and employment contract can all be saved to the profile.

Selecting the Right Person

LAURA™ helps you with every step you take selecting the right person for the right job. With effective searches you find the most suitable applicants easily. Different kinds of summaries help you with more detailed comparison. After finding the best applicants begins the interviews. To minimize futile interviews you can ask applicants to send a video CV with their applications or organize video interviews (an application created in co-operation with RecRight).

You can also use fixed interview platforms to get more comparable answers from interviewees. Interview answers as well as applicants’ diplomas, test results and recommendations can all be saved to LAURA™ so you find all the necessary information in one place. When the selection is done the information of a new worker can easily be transferred to company’s HR System.


Substitute Management

Managing substitutes and part-time jobs is strongly related to recruitment. If your company works with substitutes you can add substitute management expansion to your LAURA™. Expansion works with text messages: You send an invitation to work from LAURA™ for all suitable substitutes and the fastest one to reply “yes” gets the job. According to our research substitutes usually reply within two minutes so you save time and energy using LAURA™.

With LAURA™ substitute management expansion you can:

  • Accept a candidate as a substitute and admin their skills
  • Create and send substitute offers to suitable substitutes
  • Give some of the substitutes rights to reserve shifts from LAURA™ for themselves
  • Approving answer for text message call for work will automatically update the filled position to substitute calendar
  • Substitutes can update their availability themselves

Substitute management expansion can be adjusted to many different uses.

Personnel Management

LAURA™ gives a good support for the employment relationship of the selected person. Contract of employment can be saved to LAURA™ and the information from application can be used as a base for new employee’s profile of skills. If your company wants to maintain a database of employees’ skills that can be done in LAURA™. Personnel’s career plans can also be listed there.

When you collect every employees CV’s or skill profiles to LAURA™ you can easily follow the complete know-how of your company. That eases your work to plan educations and upcoming recruitments.

It is also possible to create versatile queries for personnel using LAURA™. You can for example survey your employees’ contentment.

Managing Recruitment Project

Jobs are not created out of thin air, but preceded by the emergence of a variety of project management stages. With LAURA™ you can manage the creation of the preceding steps, such as job proposals, recruitment licenses and assignments. Different stages revolve seamlessly around creation of job posting, for example users can create a job posting according to background information and permissions. At the same time linkages back to the project management stay constant and reporting becomes more comprehensive. As the project progresses, different statuses can trigger e-mail notifications and other system functions in the background, when many manual tasks laborious stages take place spontaneously without the typical e-mail and phone rumble.

In addition to project management LAURA ™ is also equipped with the customers for managing CRM module. This will allow you to create a customer directly with LAURA™, and edit contacts as well as connecting customers to mandates and jobs.

Module for managing recruitment project extends LAURAS™s basic recruitment process in the early stages and clarifies their flow.

  • Project / order management
  • CRM

Internal Recruitment

LAURA™ in addition to the public job search, supports internal recruitment process. With user groups and internal access the internal recruitment process can be hidden from other users by the system, so that only the relevant managing personnel can access the applications. Otherwise, the receiving applications and processing is done effortlessly as public cases.

In addition, work items for the intranet can be linked with LAURA™s own secure key, to prevent the internal job listing in search engines.

With LAURA™ you take care of internal and external recruitment needs with style.

CO-Operation Negotiations

Recruitment system does not seem like the first tool to bring to the table for not so pleasant business of CO-determination. However in this situation LAURA™ shows it strengths by giving good employer image with proper management of tasks and personnel. When The CO-situation is managed properly the company can resume growth faster than other companies and recruiting will spring to action much faster. And for this process the recruitment system is already in use.

One of our customers purchased LAURA™ – recruitment system just when co-determination negotiations were on the doorstep. The idea is simple: all the seats of the shrinking organization were placed in the internal job search and the job search took place in the system. Each filled the CV and applied to the desired position.

Reduced organizational vacancies could thus be filled with people whom had the skills and motivation, and those whom had not received a new position, were made redundant. The employer also got updated information on the entire staffs skills and it happened very easily when people did the updating by themselves.

During the CO-situation all of the employers get to practice filling of the CV and record his or hers strengths, training and job experience. In event of termination the CV is already drafted and ready to use on different job applications. CO-situation can be managed be managed positively when people feel like they are treated equally and the treatment had been fair and warranted. At the same time their own career prospects start to emerge.



With LAURA™ -recruitment system you can communicate with witch your applicants personally or automated functions which is integrated in the system. LAURA™ is reliable system for external and internal communication.

Communication with an applicants

Automated function of LAURA™ consist of different messages that the system generates depending on the need. For example if an applicant leaves an application to LAURA™, system sends a customized “thank you” message for the applicant. It is also possible for the system to send a message containing link to the website for making changes to his or hers application.

The system is also able to send different kinds of reminders. For example if the applicants application is expiring system sends a notice for the applicant to renew his or hers application.

All the emails and text messages that are sent to applicant are also part of the automated messaging process. In these messages the applicant can be informed if several different things for example new open position, substitute positions, for the interview invitations, and other relevant terms of the essential issues of recruitment.

Messages can also be sent to applicant groups separately depending on the job or other criteria. Personal messaging with applicant is also possible with LAURA™. This makes the process quicker, easier and will also assure your applicant.

Internal Communication

LAURA™ works as internal communication system during recruitment. Recruitment process can be very complicated so system that has efficient automated messaging and various reminders will help to drive the process effectively through.

An email can be sent to all users of the system and it comes with attachments. Substitutes may be informed open positions and among other thing, candidates whom are assembled in the search lists can be shared among users easily.


For your clients companies LAURA™ provides a rich set of tools for maintaining contact information, and thus interaction remains functional. LAURA™ can also conveniently send information (applications, aggregations) scheme, without the need for any separate tools.

All the communications will be recorded by the system, which will improve the transparency and clarity in the various stages of processes.

Comprehensive Reporting

Reporting needs of the recruitment process can be almost endless. So are LAURA™s reporting capabilities! The majority of relevant reports include summaries of the different applicants, the applicant statistics, job reports, and various exports outside the system, eg in CSV format. Reporting Needs may include the salaries of reporting, and monitoring of recruitment communications and, for example, utilization of the audit. The report formats are most often in HTML (on the screen for viewing and printing), CSV (spreadsheet to be opened) and PDF (as an attachment or print).

  • Applicants 
  • Internally
  • For Partners
  • Reporting Opportunities (summaries, statistics, recruiting reports, etc.), on a variety of formats (html, pdf, csv, etc.)

Applications during the last week

Employer Image

Employers are competiting for good applicants and that competition is becoming harder in future. It is not same what kind of feel applicants gets during recuitment process. Only a applicants will be recruited, but rest of them might later be your customers or part of some other reference group you have.

The users of recruitment sites are usually looking for open jobs. Great visual look of the site acts as image of the employer and company. LAURA™ recruitment software is always tailored for every customer. Good looking website gives positive thoughts about employer. Description of open job is editable and it is also possible to add images and videos when using LAURA™.

The Applicant-friendly Application Form

When applicants start filling applications, they don’t want to be users of slow and hard-to-use system. In worst case scenario, applicant fills multiple pages of forms without knowing what’s on next page. Applicant is always aware of the big picture and can save draft during filling in LAURA™. It is also possible to edit that draft later using credentials sent to email.

Applicants can complete their applications by adding attachment files and images. Video presentation is also possible to add.

”Thank you message” (automatically sent) also tells applicant where they sent their application, what is expiration time and how can they login and modify it. It also possible to copy sent application and use it again for other open job. All messages are tailored for needs of the customers. Multi languages and different messages are always part of the deployment process of LAURA™.

Communication with Applicants

Communication with applicants is important thing for the employer. Applicants must be aware of choices made about them. Most of the recruitment software don’t send any information to the job seeker and it is problematic for the employer.

It is important for the employer to allow applicants to start using automatic job watch and/or leave open application. Applicant can also send hints about open jobs by email to anyone.

LAURA™ recruitment software can manage user rights. It is possible to give rights to all selected users who are responsible of recruitment process. If communication between recruiters works, it is easy to tell job seekers what is happening. If a job seeker is asking what happened his/her application, it is easy to find who managed that application, how applicant were commented or what kind of decisions were made. Recruiter also sees full profile of applicant, interview forms and skills.

The experience of job seeking and recruiting is high level when using LAURA. It is clear software and boosts the image of any kind of employer. LAURA is always tailored for customers needs.

“Thank you for your application” message is part of the messages sent to applicants. It is also possible to send time based messages like “You application expires if you don’t update it soon” automatically. LAURA™ helps you to be in connection with any applicant. LAURA™ sends interview invites, follow-up questions and aptitude tests for example. Text messages and social media are also part of the system.


Recruitment process and other internal processes are possible to manage using LAURA™. LAURA handlers user rights, internal communication, settings for users and other guidelines for recruitment process and also statistics and reports.

Deployment of LAURA™ for your company is easy with LAURA Recruitment Ltd’ experts. Part of the deployment process is to check current user right structure. Admin users can easily create and manage user rights when they already have user profiles.

Group rights are designed to be flexible. Typical user groups are admins, recruiters and superiors, but it is also possible to make user groups according to departments and geographical views. User rights can handle data protection, limit application views and their questions and also handle how internal applicants are shown.

LAURA™ can also be integrated with different login and authorization systems.

International Recruitment

LAURA™ is a Finnish product but it can easily be used in any other country or internationally. It is a browser-based software so all recruitments can be handled through the software no matter the location.

Full versions of LAURA™ exist in Finnish and in English. There are also basic versions in Swedish, Estonian, Russian and Chinese. It is possible to translate the software to other languages too if customers wish so. We have developed a tool for translation so a new language can easily be added to the software.

Some of our customers use LAURA™ internationally for example in China, Russia and Baltic countries.

LAURA™’s developer LAURA Recruitment Ltd is a Finnish partner in The Network, a global leader in online recruitment. Through The Network you can easily contact personnel from around the world. If your company is based in Finland you can contact LAURA Recruitment Ltd for more information. If your company is based somewhere else, check your partner from The Network’s website.

Some Network partners also develop recruitment tools like we do. Because of the co-operation we get ideas to develop our software from all around the world.

The network

LAURA™s Customer Support

By selecting LAURA™ recruitment software, you don’t only get system to handle recruitment system, but guidelines and consult actions to make your process better. LAURA™ support includes own sales man and personal technical support for every customers.

Customer’s own technical responsive person is involved in deployment process of LAURA and works as a technical support. Customers can communicate with their support anytime by phone or email. Technical support is part of the monthly fee.

Uranus experts are monitoring LAURA™ software and integrations continually. All problems are solved proactive way. Maintenance times and other important actions are reported in system’s internal feed. Admin users can see news about new and additional features. According to SaaS model, LAURA Recruitment Ltd makes sure, that system is always secure and updated. Customers can focus on their recruitment process without worries.

We are always available to help when our customers have any problems with the system. So if any problems occurs please contact us.


LAURA™ is agile to connect with other systems. We offer ready-made and cost-effective integrations to our customers as fast we can. We listen to our customers and their needs. Result can be like these integrations below:

  • Open jobs can be published on different channels (eg. any website,,,, with couple of click
  • Jobs can be exported as RSS feed
  • If you are interested of any kind of integration, please contact us!

LinkedIn integration

LAURA™ is integrated with LinkedIn which reaches over 600 000 Finnish users. LinkedIn is one of the best recruitment media and most of LinkedIn users are presenting their skills and career possibilities. User can easily copy their profile (jobs, studies and address details) from LinkedIn to LAURA application form. It saves time for filling great application. LAURA™ customers can easily and advantageously to take this integration in use. LAURA Recruitment Ltd sales consultants and technical responsible persons are happy to tell you more.

Social Media

Social media is part of LAURA™ recruitment software. Applicants can share jobs to Facebook and Twitter. This provides tremendous visibility for open jobs.

With an LinkedIn-integration it is possible for job seeker to bring hes or hers information to the form for quicker and easier usage.


Video features on LAURA™ helps you to select best applicants, saves time and also gives flexibility and fluency to recruitment process.

Video Tour

Interview tells almost among seconds if applicant is good for job or not. Interview takes some priceless time, but must always go thought. Video presenting excludes the most expensive step from recruitment: Unnecessary interviews. If application is good and applicant has skills, it saves time because only the best applicants are invited to interview.

Examples of The Video Presentation Benefits:

  • Customer services: External impression is one the most important things. Video tells more than words!
  • Language skills: if some language is important, you can ask applicant to make video presentation in that language
  • Team working: video presentation tells how applicant would work with other people

Video Interview

LAURA™ is integrated with RecRight video interview tool. Interviews with applicants and evaluation is possible anywhere and anytime. There might be events about this feature in the office of LAURA Recruitment Ltd. These events are organized to show how you can use video features and how they help you and recruitment of your company. There are always experts from LAURA Recruitment Ltd’s and RecRight’s with you in these events.

How-to Videos

Instruction videos help applicant and recruiter to use LAURA™. It possible to add videos to any section to support fluent use of any tool in LAURA™. LAURA Recruitment Ltd can produce these videos, but it is also possible that customer makes their own personalized How-to videos.

Clients recommend

The whole LAURA™ process has been extremely easy with LAURA Recruitment Ltd – from selling and commissioning to the daily usage.

Jouko Karjalainen - Anvia Oyj